Boot Camp Feedback

Instructions:   This questionnaire is designed as a way for us to receive feedback so that we may improve and continue to offer high quality training. Please fill out questionnaire as completely as possible.  Specific examples are appreciated and give us the best opportunity to improve.  
You do not need to fill out the entire form.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  
All submissions are 100% anonymous. 
However, if you wish to be contacted regarding your review please leave your name and email address in the comments section
Which Boot Camp class did you attend?
Rank from 1 to 5 your experience at boot camp

What did you like about the boot camp? (i.e. location, trainer, class time, etc.)
What suggestions do you have to improve the boot camp class? (i.e. training technique, class structure, etc.)
What did you like about the instructor?
What areas do you think the instructor can improve upon?
What kind of results did you see and how quickly did you achieve these results? Try to give specific details. (i.e. lost 10 lbs., lost 3 inches around waist, feel stronger, have more confidence, better posture, decreased stress)
If you have decided not to continue with boot camp, please list reason why?
List any additional comments