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Corporate Fitness Boot Camp

The First Step to Having Hard-Working Employees is Having Employees Hard at Work!

Corporate Boot Camp Program

Investing in a corporate workplace wellness program is a smart way to improve overall employee morale as well as reduce employee turnover and health care costs. By executing a workplace wellness program in your organization, you create a more energetic, positive, and productive workplace that provides meaningful gains for your company or organization.

A Wellness Program will Benefit Any Company's Bottom Line

Studies show that employees who exercise incur health care costs 31% lower than those who do not. The Surgeon General determined that 70% of all illnesses are due to lifestyle related causes. One-half of all medical costs are attributed to illnesses that could be prevented.

The return your company will receive from employees who are currently sedentary, who change their lifestyle to become more aware of their health, will be significant. Fit employees have more energy and suffer less from stress related problems.

Immediate Benefits

  • Decreased Absenteeism
  • Improved Job Performance & Morale
Ongoing Benefits

  • Improved Company Image
  • Reduces Risk of Disease
  • Promotes Longevity
  • Healthier Employees
  • Reduces Health Care Costs
Investing time in your employees’ health will result in a winning situation for you and your staff. Corporations need to help their employees establish a healthy lifestyle.

Remember Your Employees are Your Greatest Asset!

Total Training by Tammy's Corporate Boot Camp

Designed with business professionals in mind, our Corporate Boot Camp program represents the ultimate health and fitness solution for companies who value the well-being of their employees. Our programs are geared toward those who want to minimize time away from work and personal commitments, maximize their fitness level, make a genuine investment in their health – and enjoy themselves as they work towards their fitness goals.

Our Corporate Boot Camp program includes:

  • On-site or nearby, customized outdoor workouts designed to challenge people of all fitness levels
  • Expert coaching by certified personal trainers and experienced fitness professionals
  • Team-building exercises that promote unity and create a fun, supportive workout environment
  • 3, 4, or 5 day per week sessions - AM or PM meeting times
  • "In class" and "out of class" personal guidance and motivation
  • Before and after Body Composition Analysis to monitor results
  • Connection with a group of supporting, like-minded fitness enthusiasts
  • Ongoing nutritional guidance and fitness tips
  • 30+ page Nutrition Packet
  • Free online fitness magazine that features 16 new articles a month, hundreds of recipes, and tons of exercise videos
  • Plus, access to a variety of fitness education resources; including bi-monthly newsletters and information on local health and fitness events
Besides helping participants look and feel their best, our Corporate Boot Camp builds camaraderie, promotes a sustained commitment to fitness, and gives people the tools they need to live and work in balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tammy's Corporate Boot Camp program?
Our Corporate Boot Camp program is the ideal way to get an awesome workout, in a positive atmosphere, at affordable prices. Each Boot Camp session is packed with a series of fun, ever-changing exercises designed to specifically tone, strengthen, and increase your cardio fitness levels. Our Boot Camp program is a results-driven conditioning program that focuses on weight loss and developing lean, tone, healthy bodies. Unlike other programs that take a military approach to boot camp, our Boot Camp's team-oriented conditioning style is designed to encourage and support you.

How does Boot Camp benefit corporate clients?
The well-rounded, challenging, and consistent boot camp fitness routine offers participants the opportunity to release, rebalance, and recuperate from the often-intense demands of the business day. In addition, participants interact with co-workers in a different context, creating opportunities for connections among employees who might not otherwise encounter one another.

When participants come to boot camp, they can give their brains a rest. Our trainers take charge of the ever-changing combination of individual and team-building exercises that we incorporate into every workout.

How much time would Boot Camp take away from people's jobs?
Our corporate programs are designed for highly experienced business professionals who are short on time and looking to make the most of every minute they devote to their personal fitness. Our goal during each one-hour workout session is to leave participants feeling invigorated and ready to return to the challenges of their jobs.

Does it matter if some participants are not physically fit?
Our Boot Camp is designed for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. We will never ask anyone to complete exercises that go beyond their capacity! Our Boot Camp program is scalable, allowing the exercises to be altered so that your employees will be challenged whether they are an advanced fitness enthusiast or a beginner. In addition, the trainers will demonstrate both high-impact and low-impact versions of exercises and vary the intensity of workouts on a daily basis to minimize fatigue and injury.

Where is the Boot Camp located?
Our Corporate Boot Camp programs are held on-site or near your company's facilities.

What is a typical Boot Camp workout?
Our Boot Camp classes vary from day to day in order to continually challenge new muscles, maximize results, and to keep your from employees from getting bored. Boot Campers will be engaging in various resistance training and cardiovascular activities such as Running (short distances), Push-ups, Sprints, Lunges, Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope, Mat Work, Weight Training, Stability Ball/Medicine Ball Training, Stretching, Cone Drills, Obstacle Courses, and whatever else it takes to distract campers from the fact that they are getting a great workout! Every day will be a completely different workout, never predictable, never boring and always FUN!

What are some other benefits of the Boot Camp program?
Besides enhanced strength and endurance, improved muscle tone, and dramatic improvements in physical well-being, boot camp participants enjoy increased self-confidence and a notable boost in their overall energy levels. Because we create a motivating team atmosphere during workouts, the program also enables people to have fun and form friendships as they work toward their fitness goals. Finally, we connect participants to a variety of health and wellness resources (e.g. free online fitness magazine, regular newsletters, nutrition expertise, body therapy services, and local fitness events) designed to compliment a total wellness lifestyle.

What kind of investment is required for your Corporate Boot Camp programs?
Total Training by Tammy designs programs to meet the needs of each of its corporate clients on an individual basis. Many companies subsidize the programs but we have also found that most employees will appreciate that the program is available regardless of whether it is subsidized or not. Please contact us at 562-533-2023 or so we can assess your company's needs and provide a customized quote.