Total Training Boot Camp

Calorie Calculator

Use the below Calorie Calculator to determine the number of calories you should be consuming daily to meet your fitness goals.  If you are enrolled in our boot camp program we recommend selecting "Moderately Active" from the Activity Level list.







Activity Level:

Desired Weight Loss:


Daily Calorie Intake Goal:

Based on your weight goal, try to keep your calorie consumption near the above number.  A great tool to track your calories is through MyFitnessPal.  MyFitnessPal is a FREE calorie counter service.  Study after study has confirmed the benefits of keeping track of the food you eat.  It's simple -- the more consistently you track your food intake, the more likely you are to lose weight.  I know what you are thinking - 'recording everything I eat sounds incredibly tedious.'  Well, with MyFitnessPal their calorie tracker learns from you.  We tend to eat the same foods over time; and MyFitnessPal remembers what you have eaten most often in the past making it easy for you to add those foods to your log. Give it a try for at least one week, you might be surprised at the results. They also have a free app for your smart phone.

NO CRASH OR FAD DIETS:  Studies show that people who lose weight by crash dieting or by drastically restricting their caloric intake, are more likely to regain weight quickly, often within six months after they stop dieting.  So do not overdo it and go crazy with your eating habits.  We want you to develop long-term habits that are healthy and maintainable.