Total Training Boot Camp

Client Testimonials & Success Stories

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"I Went from a Size 12 to a Size 4!"

"I initially signed up to work with Mary before my wedding. I started working out in May and my wedding was 6 weeks out. This was a tall order, but Mary was a joy to work with and the results were undeniable. She has showed up every morning, without fail, even in the recent cold dark days. She's always there early, always positive, and I know I'm in for a great workout.

I've struggled with my weight all of my life. I've always extremed between being obese (180 pounds) to crash dieting. Since I began seeing Mary, my lifestyle has changed. On top of the workout, she gave me a great food plan and introduced me to some foods (quinoa, greek yogurt, ect) that I'd never tried and are now a part of my regular diet. I'm healthy and strong, and happy with my body for the first time in my life.

I ordered my wedding dress in a size 12. By the time I received it, it had to be taken in 2" on each side. Now, about 3 months after my wedding, I am a size 4. The number on the scale, for the first time in my adult life, is nothing but a weekly gauge and does not effect my mood or self-esteem. Mary has always stressed the importance of health over weight loss and that helped to reshape my mind.

When working out with Mary I am happier and more energized. My husband is thrilled with my new-found confidence and motivation. I cannot sing her praises enough. She's truly changed my life.

Thank you for having this wonderful company that brought me together with such an amazing person. "Lynzey K.

"I Lost 6 Dress Sizes at Total Training!"

"I've struggled with my weight since junior high school. In my 20's and 30's I found my weight yo-yoing up and down from month to month. The one thing I could not commit to was a regular fitness routine. I joined different gyms, but would only show up a couple times throughout the year. Working out inside a gym didn't excite me and I struggled to make it a consistent part of my life.

In spring of 2011, at 36 years old, I decided to try Total Training. With their program, my entire attitude toward health and fitness took a drastic turn for the positive! I never knew working out could be so fun and effective! I attend classes four times a week and look forward to the unique and challenging workouts. I also enjoy seeing my "Total Training buddies". I started in May and within a few months I noticed significant results...a huge increase in my energy, consistent weight lose, and inches falling off from all parts of my body. I've been working out with Bethany from Total Training for almost a year now and I've gone from a size 16 to 10. The shape of my body has changed too. I have a defined waist and my arms and legs are tone. My friends, family, and colleagues comment on my "new" body, which makes me feel proud of my fitness accomplishments. But most importantly, I have a renewed sense of self!

Attending Total Training started off as a personal commitment, but my incredible results have become contagious. My mom and two of my close friends have joined and have also experienced the positive impact of your program! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"Stacey P.

"I Lost Over 3 Inches Around My Waist for My Wedding!"

"My wedding was coming up and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted by working out on my own. Since I have started with Total Training I have lost three inches in my waist and have noticeable toner arms and legs. The workouts are fast paced and challenging and no time to get bored. Tammy has really helped me reach my fitness goals with her positive attitude and motivation. I came for the weight loss but I also love my increased strength and energy. I have enjoyed it so much I have signed up for a year and I look forward to my mornings with Tammy!"Vanessa H.

"I Lost 50 Lbs. and 6 Dress Sizes at Total Training!"

"I've lost 50LBS and six whole dress sizes. The workouts are incredibly effective because every day has new and different exercises. I end up working muscles I didn’t even know I had. Now I have more energy and haven’t felt or looked this good since my early 20’s. I feel 10 years younger!"Becky K.

"I Lost Over 40 Lbs.!"

"Tammy is the best trainer! I started with Tammy in January and lost 40lbs in 3 months! Her workouts are fun and sometimes I forget I am working out but you see results in no time! Tammy is always motivating and in addition to the workouts, she gives you great tips on heathy recipes to encourage a healthy lifestyle. I am forever thankful for having Tammy in my life. Thanks so much Tammy! =)"Ina U.

"I Lost Over 17 Lbs. in Only 3 Months at Total Training!"

"Total Training has helped me lose 17 pounds in less than 3 months and I couldn't be happier! I love fitting into my old clothes - and buying some new ones in sizes I haven't been in for years! I was feeling more and more depressed, having tried big gyms, biking, yoga classes and various private trainers, but nothing seemed to improve my body or my motivation. I was nervous to try Tammy's 1 week trial, but I was getting desperate. It turned out to be a perfect fit for my busy lifestyle and I truly love getting up early every morning to get fit!"

"Tammy has such a bright personality, and her killer workouts are a perfect energy booster that start my day off right! She gives personalized attention to correct form and push everyone to their individual limits. I know I can count on her every morning, and that's why I highly recommend that EVERYONE try Total Training!"Danielle R.

"I Lost the Baby Weight!"

" What I like best about Total Training is that my trainer completely switches up every class. I never know what she’s planning for us, which keeps it totally fresh. Keeping exercise interesting is a huge motivator for me, and is probably why videos like 30-Day Shred don’t work for me in the long run. I have videos practically memorized by the end of week 2, which bores me right back into indolence."

"The best part for me personally is that my body is morphing into a shape that I’ve never had before. (Even pre-babies!) When I was exclusively running after baby #1, I lost the weight, but I was just a smaller me, shape-wise. Now, all of the toning and weight training I’ve completed at Total Training has really changed the overall look and shape of my body. My muscles are leaner, and I actually don’t cringe when I look at my legs, which have ALWAYS been my least favorite body part."Sara J.

"I Lost Over 60 Lbs.!"

"I highly recommend getting fit with Total Training. She really knows her stuff and has a great personality. Since I started training with Total Training, I have lost over 60lbs.!  I have also improved muscle definition and I feel more confident about my body in general. I also love that I no longer feel guilty about not staying on an exercise routine. The trainers keep me motivated and they do a great job of mixing up my workouts."Megan G.

"After just the first month, I had lost over 10 inches!"

"I am so thankful I came across Total Training. I've tried a few different fitness programs and I can honestly say Total Training has been my favorite.  They are extremely committed to their clients improving their health and getting the physical changes their after. The positive environment they create makes for a great workout. After just the first month, I had lost over 10 inches and I was able to fit into jeans I had retired to the back of my closet. Let's be real, I signed up for the classes for the physical improvements, but the increased energy has been an extra bonus. Although I'm waking up earlier, I find I don't go through the 3 PM energy slump in the afternoon, which is fantastic! I would be excited to recommend Total Training to my family and friends because I would have no doubt that they would get as much out of the classes as I did."Dani M.

"I lost over 12 inches at Total Training!"

"Total Training is a lot of fun and different every day. I've tried personal training and group classes at the gym, but nothing ever sticks. At Tammy's class, she is working out with you and not just barking orders like you would think. Tammy is always smiling and her classes are so upbeat and with a positive energy (even when we are sweating bullets), it's hard not to get addicted to working out with her! I've made some great friends from her classes and the consistent faces are a credit to Tammy and keeping classes fresh and fun - never boring. But the best part is that I have lost over 12 inches and counting - thanks Tammy!"Shannon T.

"I lost over 50 inches!"

"I love this program and wish I had done it sooner. The workouts are great and I feel great. Being 52 and not having worked out in years, I was afraid I would not be able to keep up. Yet 8 weeks later, I had lost over 25 inches and I felt stronger and healthier. I have continued to workout with Total Training and have now lost over 50 inches AND recently ran my first half marathon. Total Training is great! They have made the impossible possible."Patti O.

"I lost 15 pounds and got into killer shape!"

"Initially, I was apprehensive about working out with a trainer, but after I met Tammy and tried out one of her sessions I was hooked. Now, in less than 3 months, I've lost over 15 pounds, and I look and feel better than I ever have in my life. I would highly recommend Tammy to anyone who truly wants to get in great shape and improve their life."Wakeem W.

"I lost all my baby weight and feel great!"

"Total Training's workouts are amazing. I have exercised regularly my whole life, but their workouts are more effective than anything I had tried before. I worked out with Tammy after having my baby and gaining 50 pounds during my pregnancy, and the results were terrific. At 38 years old, less than 4 months after giving birth to my second daughter, I had lost my baby weight and was back into my size 27 jeans. Now that another year has gone by, in addition to maintaining my weight loss, I have noticeable definition in my arms that I never had before.

"However, the best thing about Tammy is her attitude. She works hard and is mindful of my progress, but she also helps me keep perspective in that physical fitness and health are the real goals; not having a 'perfect' body. She has a wonderful attitude and working out with her is always fun."Becca C.

"I dropped two dress sizes for my wedding!"

"I have been training with Total Trainng for about 3 years now. As many women know, your wedding day is the day that you want to remember forever. You want to look perfect in every way, and they helped me feel like a gorgeous bride. I was able to drop from a size 6 to a slim 4 in two months! All thanks to Total Training. She makes the workouts enjoyable and fun. After every training session, I felt rejuvenated and I had more energy throughout the day. Shortly after my husband and I were married, we found out we were expecting a little bundle of joy. I stayed training with Total Training during my entire pregnancy. I truly feel it is because of my training that I was able to be back in my pre-pregnancy jeans only four weeks after delivering. I have also noticed that my training gives me the energy to chase my 2-year-old daughter around all day. Total Training helps give me the energy to try harder and work towards my goals. Thank you Total Training, for being such an important part of my life."Gretchen B.

"I have felt my arms, abs, and legs all tone up."

"I am so glad that I signed up for Total Training. It has been such a great and rewarding experience. I love working out before work (This is the first time I can say that!). It has given me a sense of accomplishment. Tammy is always upbeat and genuinely happy to see you. I cant stress that enough! She is concerned when you are not at class and makes sure that you are doing okay. She is always encouraging and helpful, never pushy. I have felt my arms, abs, and legs all tone up. I now wear my little shorts with confidence. I like that Tammy changes the classes daily so that you never know what to expect and don't get bored. I am so happy that I signed up and I would recommend the class to anyone who wants to get in shape in a positive and encouraging environment."Liz J.

"I feel stronger and my clothes fit more comfortably."

"Tammy helped give me the confidence to do the exercises even though I was initially concerned that my size or weight might be an issue. The class has helped me to feel not only more secure in myself but that I could progress at any level. I am confident that I will succeed and reach my fitness goals. I now feel stronger and my clothes fit more comfortably. I love the variety of exercises and being in an environment where I could challenge and push myself beyond my expectations."Regina J.

"I couldn't be happier with my results so far!"

"When I started the boot camp with Tammy, I had just had my third baby, and I was very out of shape. My pregnancy was tough and I did almost no activity during those 9 months. I had tried another boot camp before and I was getting shin splints and I hadn't lost any weight. Within a week of working out with Tammy, my shin splints were gone and I had lost a pound and am continuing to lose weight. Tammy is always positive and encouraging. She is also very knowledgeable and knows how to change up the exercises each day to not only make it fun, but to also keep our bodies guessing, and losing inches! I love that Tammy makes our workouts fun and safe. I couldn't be happier with my results so far!"Poppy P.

"I lost 40 Pounds and I feel fantastic!"

"I am a 53 year old woman with 3 grown children but for a good portion of my life I was busy taking care of my children rather than my health. During this time I became unaware of the extra pounds I was putting on each year. Then one day, after viewing a picture of myself, I finally saw that I wasn’t the me I wanted to be.

"But, I was afraid it might be too late to change. I heard stories that after menopause losing weight was hard and I feared that I was too weak to change myself. I knew I needed help, so I joined Total Training. It was just what I needed to stay focused. Every time I tried to motivate myself on my own I failed. This is why having an instructor who encourages and motivates you is the key to success! The group environment also helped me to push myself; seeing others find their strength motivated me to also rise to the challenge.

"I was 165 lbs. (size 14) when I started and now I’m 125 lbs. (size 4). Tammy is wonderful and the boot camp is a great workout for the whole body. What I like most about the boot camp is how it changed my way of thinking. I am a much happier, and more positive person now. I feel fantastic!"Stacie G.

"My stomach is now flatter and I have dropped 1 waist size in my pants!"

"After many attempts to commit to a workout regime, I finally found exactly what I needed. Having the class outdoors, over in an hour, and a constantly changing routine has really made the workouts enjoyable. Since I have started to train with Tammy I have noticed that I no longer have headaches, lower back pain, and my posture has improved. My stomach is now flatter and I have dropped 1 waist size in my pants. My clothes have been fitting better and I have been sleeping through the night. Tammy is always so motivating; I am hooked! I have always hated working out but I look forward to these classes!"Vanessa V.

"I have already gone down a pant size!"

"Tammy is always prepared and positive. The classes are never boring and are well thought out; elegantly simple. The time seems to fly by, yet we always get an amazing workout and have a lot of laughs along the way. Since joining the class I have already gone down a pant size and for the first time in years I feel more fit, slimmer, and stronger."Jonne R.